Monday, June 25, 2012


I must be real for a minute. I am OVER this 'cleanse' in every way possible! I am trying to hard to stay positive and optimistic. The results this time around haven't been as 'quick' as the first time. I knew they wouldn't be, but I was still hoping for the best. But, for the most part I stayed pretty diligent and made it. I'm so excited to start week 3-4. Fruit! Delicious wonderful nectar of the Gods (actually, I think that is Diet DP, but I am trying to change my thought patterns).

I lost 1.4 lbs. this week. This puts me at my goal #1. I wanted to weigh a certain weight by July 4th and today I do. So I am a bit ahead of schedule and that is great. I'm happy. HOWEVER, on Thursday of this week I weighed 2 lbs less than I did this morning. I had hit my -50 lbs, but since my 'official' weigh-ins are on Mondays, I guess I have to take that victory back. :-( This is the first time I've gained any lbs since April. I'm trying to not get frustrated... try to use this as motivation to 'get back out there'... blah blah blah! I'll make it. (Sorry, I am just talking myself through this.)

How did you all do?


James said...
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Esther said...

This week I have to be honest. I cheated. I've eaten corn tortillas three times, a few small cookies, and popcorn. And I even ate 1/4 of a big cookie, 1/4 piece of cake (both on Sunday) and some beef jerky. Oh. And fruit. . . again. But I've consistently eaten about 1200 calories a day and never gone over.

The first half of the week I think I lost 1/2 a pound, which was very discouraging because the first week I lost about 6 pounds. It seemed like every time I stepped on the scale I weighed a pound less!

I am happy to report I did lose 2.4 pounds this week! I'm determined to follow this cleanse this week and have less cheats. Last week I had so many cravings that I allowed myself to indulge in but this week I want to get back on track.

Congratulations Lori on 50 pounds!!! That's amazing! Keep it up!

(BTW, "James" is one of my husbands psudonyms for stuff he likes to dabble in on the internet. Didn't realize he was still logged in when I originally posted my comment. That's why it's been deleted.

Suzanna LeCheminant said...

I had a terrible week! I cheated almost every day and sunday was really bad. I started out good every morning...but the evenings were hard! I was surprised to have still lost 1 pound this morning. I borrowed a juicer so I can try to eat more veggies in a different way. If I had to eat another raw vegetable I was going to die! I'm going to try juicing lunch this week (mostly veggies, some fruit) and doing regular breakfast and dinner.

Suzanna LeCheminant said...

ps...congrats on 50 pounds! i know how much work that takes. you are doing so great!

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